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Importance of Linguistics in Pakistan


Importance of Linguistics in Pakistan Pakistan is a country, where nobody is sure about what is the assured syllabus for the classes; taught in government institutions. Here the load-shedding, of permanency, of the selected syllabus of the classes often happen. It is possible HERE due to the shaky education goals, not having a proper guidance system and an authority, which cannot impose its directives, and if there is any authority; is controlled by some so-called moron leaders.

In our country, there are many languages, some of those are in written form and some are only in spoken form. Some languages are on the verge of decay and some are flourishing, some are replacing someone else. Yet some others are being mixed up heavily by the bombardment of unicultural, bicultural and multicultural assimilations of other languages.

In our country, the syllabuses are filled with the study of literature and the problem is that in the exercise section again focus is on according to the literary nature. Though literature is very good, it prunes one’s character; it factors out many bad aspects of personality; it fills one’s mind with the positive thoughts; it produces a rational mind; it gives energy to do something; it rectifies wrongdoings, yet it is limited in its scope.

World is now moving further towards the scientific study of a language that is not possible in literature or through literary ways of study because literature is intuitive that requires arms chair approach. Literature has no discussion on the different aspects of language and its different issues while intermingling with other discipline.

These interdisciplinary and even transdisciplinary matters are discussed by linguistics in a good manner. It deals with the language at its every minute level i.e. sound etc. Its travel starts from sound towards meaning while passing through word and sentence. It also discusses different cultural, social, psychological, ethnic and even educational aspects which either produces hindrance or becomes well-wisher for the language. Language is basically a temperature gauge, which not only measure their cults and customs but its habits as well. This travel does not stop on this juncture but it goes on further and farther.

Linguistics is such a phenomenon which can solve our educational problems via educational and applied linguistics. It is also going further to explore in the vistas of NLP (Natural Language Processing) by exploring in the domain of computational linguistics.

Human problems are the outcome of language use, and anyone can explore this thing that every issue is due to the use of some of the wrong words, which can be resolved by just mending the words in some way. Language is not only the power but it is the faculty which bestow human the title of the crown of being.

Pakistan badly needs the implementation of linguistics in its syllabus at junior and senior level as well. It can help us to prevent our national language i.e. Urdu. By implementing and adding linguistics our syllabus of English would be at par with international standard at some extent.

Our focus upon literature is dragging us towards age old concepts of study and in this way our students are unable to cope with the current demands of the study. They want to study, they like it but because of the usage of age old methods we are setting us in a forgetful vale and thinking as nothing to be worried about.

Linguistics is the voice of the time in the study, it is fluttering its feathers in every domain of knowledge and we are in an undescribeable trauma and fearing not to follow, what is needed? By using linguistics we can build our arguments to check the strong will and wish of the world against our mother land. We can better understand the listen unsaid hidden in the said, but this is only possible through the study of linguistics which is slowly pacing its way in the Pakistan.

Written by Azhar Munir Bhatti

English Language Teacher at TBLI



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